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About Worshipper Media

Worshipper Media was birthed as a need to translate some articles in as many languages as possible. People were requesting for the articles to be translated into their mother tongues, for use in churches and ministries. The vision and mission of Worshipper Media is first and foremost to reach people where they need to be met, and stand in the gap between God's love, and people searching for a way back into our Father's loving embrace.

The articles are provided for free so that churches and ministries may use them to spread God's love. Anyone can simply save the articles onto their computer, mobile devices and pendrives etc and use them freely. As long as they are being used to spread the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, these materials may be used without the need to get permission. Permission is granted for any non-commercial use. All of us are volunteers from different churches around the world. We are all using our collective talents to futher the Kingdom of God.

To God be all glory for all the amazing things He has done, and continues to do in all our lives. Amen.


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