Welcome to the Worshipper Media Fundraiser
Welcome to the Worshipper Media Fundraiser


Welcome to the Worshipper Media Fundraiser

Dear friends, we have recently started a fundraiser at  http://indiegogo.com/at/worshipper
which will be use to finance the translation works, bible videos and original music. We have been funding this by means of small projects we've done with 2 film producers from time to time. However the cost per translator is US$55 and we have 40 translators we're paying in $5x11 payments. 
We're also wanting to work on the original music. All that we produce are made available to you freely but comes at a pretty heavy price. We are asking if you would consider supporting the project in any small amount ie US$1, 5 or 10. If you want to help with more, that's great too. Please do message us via my FB inbox or email us at: worshippermedia@gmail.com
Special thanks to Loren Cunningham, president of Youth With A Mission YWAM for supporting this fundraiser as spokesperson.
We are grateful to Rich Christiano for subsidizing the Christian Movie DVDs and ex-witch Doc Marquis for subsidizing the DVDs on occult, esoteric, etc. These DVDs will be given as perks for some of the contributions.



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